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My Film – an unending documentary series

 Together we can make History . . .

My Film is a mission of filming our beautiful world. It is a filming and documentation campaign (Filming World Campaign - FWC). Any professional or no background of filmmaking, can participate. This campaign runs solely by the self contribution of members of ‘My Film Club (MFC)’ or donors who support our philosophy. In this campaign, all participating ‘My Film Makers – MFM’ choose common subject of their interest and start filmmaking. They together learn scripting, story boarding, production design, production management, cinematography, narration, sound and music composition, editing and final screen out put.

 together we WRITE

 together we SHOOT

 together we EDIT

 together we SCREEN

 together we BROADCAST

 together we EARN

 together we LEARN

 Mission Statement: My Film is an ambitious mission of filming world’s passion, people, places, perspectives, process and perceptions.

 Aim: Together document the globe by participatory filmmaking. Encourage & trained unknown filmmakers by helping them to make their own opinion about their favorite world.

 How this idea will sustain: The My Film idea will be sustained by your contribution, who is participating in an unending broadcast documentary series, in which you all are producer, director, anchor, writer, reporter, cinematographer, composure, musician, editor etc.

The contribution will be used for filmmaking’s arrangements. It includes local travel, transportation, communication, accommodation, food, equipments and editing suit.

All inspired filmmakers at globe are welcomes. Your participation fee’s profit will fund My Film Fellowships Program (MFFP).The 48 stories (24 minutes each) of My Film documentary series will be broadcast on reputed television channels.The format of the film will be DVCAM and SONY PD 170 camera with all accessories will be used. Film will be available in 16/9 or 4/6 film size.

Contribution from the broadcasting rights again will support My Film mission.

Support and fund this mission and be a part of the television history by making film on your own idea.After one running of My Film documentary series on television channels, the film series will be sold out in the market on DVD discs and through web world.My Film Crew appreciates the idea of visiting different corners of the globe. We welcome your feedback regularly.Quick jump and be a member of My Film Club (MFC). Membership fee for Indian citizen is Rs.500 and $25 for rest of the world.Share your idea; check your time, date, availability, location and resources. My Film Crew and volunteers will help you with all your quarries and questions.

All the arrangement makes sure by the My Film Crew (MFC).

Right from shooting permission to final output will be ensured by the My Film Crew (MFC).

All copy and legal rights of the documentary films will remain with My Film Foundation only. However, broadcasting and marketing rights will be sold out on time to time to again sustained My Film mission.

My Film documentary series already started shooting of 2nd film with undergrad Mass Communication (Honors) students of the Central University (H.N.B.Garhwal University), Srinagar Garhwal in Uttarakhand State of India.

My Film Club members will receive reading materials, my film documentary promo DVD, cap, symbol, T-shirt, guide book etc.

Every film batch will be of 20 filmmakers. Film will be produced only in 13 working days. Minimum length of the film will either be 26 minutes or be 52 minutes. Every filmmaker will share 2 to 4 minutes visual time (1 Minute first frame introductory film, 1 minute anchoring, 1 minute interview and 1 minute documentary report).

चैनल माउन्टेन, मीडिया के क्षेत्र मैं काम करने वाली एक अग्रणी एवं स्वायत्त संस्था है . जो की पिछले 21 सालों से सतत कार्यरत है.

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